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    July 18-20, 2014
    Magnolia Hotel
    Denver, CO


      PDCA Residential Forum Executive Director:

      Tony Kozak
      63 Marne Rd.
      Buffalo, NY 14215
      (716) 844-8174 phone
      (716) 844-8174 fax
      Email Tony Kozak

      What Members Say

      AST II was the first PDCA meeting I attended and AST III was my second PDCA meeting. The information and ideas I received at AST II grew my business and I’m back for more!

      Great to meet everyone – go to three or four conference per year but AST ideas HUGE.

      I am always excited to be here with the caliber of businessmen at these AST events. I’m getting tired, but there is so much more I can learn from you guys.

      I have a life philosophy to from learning from other’s mistakes. THANKS

      Third year veteran of AST. Even though it gets real hectic in the summertime, I think I’m on track as a leader by being here. My goal is to implement job description. I learned more this year and have had my batteries recharged.

      I have been in the association for 1 1/2 years and a contractor for 2 years. What a weight on shoulders!! Being associated with the caliber of people in PDCA and what I learned at AST could have taken a lifetime to implement. Everyone has something to offer. My toughest assignment is to pick which ideas to implement.

      I use to be a teacher, so I know all the hard work in setting up an event of this caliber. Congratulations to Residential Forum leaders for a great event.

      Our business has grown tremendously over the three years of our company’s participation in AST. The PDCA Residential Forum is one of the bright spots in PDCA. Roll your sleeves up and participate.

      I attended AST I, but had to miss AST II. I am always amazed – in my own little neighborhood I feel like a stud. The caliber of knowledge, not always the most articulate person might just give you the best idea. THANKS

      I live here in Colorado and have been a PDCA member since the 60′s. Two great things have happened in PDCA – one is the Residential Forum and one is the Certification program. Step up and serve – when you serve, you learn.

      I have attended AST for last 3 years. It is great to make new friends and see my old friends. AST is attended by great people from all over the country – I might show up on your doorstep.

      Thanks for the quiet types as well as the vocal types attending AST – it takes a community.